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   This months Mustang of the Month belongs to Don Burdick. Don lives in Ft Myers and joined the Club in 1997. Don works at Creative Carbide in Cape Coral. Don serves currently as the Charlotte County Mustang Club Activity Chairman.

   Don's Pony is a 1993 Black Coupe. This pony is an ex police car. The interior is a gray color. Under the hood lives a 5 Litre V8 controlled by a 5 speed transmission. Don indicated that one special thing about this car is that originally this pony was a police interceptor.

   Don purchased his Pony in 1997 at an auction in Tampa and has been working on it since then. This is the only Pony that Don currently has, however there is another story about Ponies that Don has to tell.

   Don's first Pony was a 1992 white convertible. This Pony suffered a rather ignoble end when it was stolen and set on fire.

   When asked "If you could have your dream Mustang what would it be?" Don answered that he would have a 1993 Cobra.