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   This months Mustang of the Month belongs to Court Nederveld.

Where do you work?

I own Bits, Bytes & Chips...Computer Services

What do you do there?

Computer Tech

Where does your spouse work?

She doesn't

What does she do there?

Dedicates her whole world to her husband (ya right)

Tell us about your Pony.

Year_1966_ Model _Mustang___ Style _Convertible_ Color _Sunlite Yellow______ Interior Black _________ Engine __289 2v________ Transmission __C4___________

Anything special or unusual about your Pony?

This car was purchased by the previous owner as a 16th birthday present for his son. However, on his birthday the son went to a party, got drunk and received a DUI. Consequently the car was never given to the son. It sat in the owner’s garage for 8 years and he happened to hear that Peg and I were looking for a Mustang. He told us to come take a look at it but that it wasn’t in the best condition. Peg and I pulled up to the house and he had it parked in the driveway, all washed, polished and with the top down. It looked very nice. We drove it around the block a few times and you could tell the engine was a little tired but everything else was in very good shape. It still had the 4ply nylon tires on it and after I decided to buy it, we stopped at a tire store and replaced the tires with radials and so began our history with this car. This Pony is true daily driver. In the eleven years we have owned it we have put over 100000 miles on it. In fact, for the first two years that we lived in Florida, this Pony was our only vehicle and we drove it everywhere. I have never owned a daily driver that eleven years after I bought it, people still come up to us at the gas pumps or where ever they see the car and tell us they love the car and they used to have one and wish now they still did. It is a blast.

Where and when did you acquire your Pony?

Howell Mich, Mothers Day 1995____________________

How many previous owners were there?

At least two that we know of

Have you done any thing to the pony since you’ve owned it?

Since we have owned the car we have rebuilt the engine, rebuilt the transmission, rebuilt the front end, replaced the leaf springs, added air conditioning, provided the car to the club for a club project in which the original interior upholstery was replaced with a Pony interior, Had new door skins put on, had the body stripped and repainted, new radiator, added Cragar SS Mags with three spoke spinners, (something I could never afford when I was a kid so this is simply unfinished youth showing), new windshield, new top, converted it to front disk brakes had it torn down and all rust and bad metal replace and currently it is getting new rear torque boxes and leaf springs. I think that is about it.

Do you plan on doing anything to the Pony?

Still to come we want to have the engine and transmission replaced with a 5 liter and an AOD.

Do you own any other Ponies?

Yes we have a 1993 Feature Car, Canary yellow, white leather, white top.

Have ever owned a Pony before?


If you could have your “dream Mustang” what would it be?

I think Peg might like a new Pony and I wouldn’t mind a 65 2+2 fastback. And even if we could have those, I don’t think we would get rid of this one.